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How To Use an M1 Special Measurement App

Using an M1 Special Measurement App (SMA, also known within M1 as a User-Defined Measurement) is simple. Start by clicking on the New Measurement button, just like you would to start any other new measurement.

From the New Measurement dialog, click on Measurement Builder.

This will bring up the Measurement Builder dialog, from where you should select User Defined DLL.

You will now be at the Select Measurement dialog, which contains a list of all SMAs that have been registered with M1.  Note that many SMAs are included with M1 by default, some of which are collected in groups based on the Compliance App for which they are required.  Any previous SMAs that you have registered will be included in the User group at the top of the list.  (If no User group is present, don't worry – this just means that no SMAs have been registered yet.)

If your desired SMA isn't listed, click on Browse... and locate the DLL file you want.  If the App was installed correctly, it should be in the default directory, My M1-OT/User_Defined.  Select the DLL file and click OK.

You will then be asked if you wish to register this SMA so that it will show up in the Select Measurement dialog's User group.  Type a Description that will allow you to easily find the measurement later when you need it again and click Yes.  If you click No, you'll have to Browse to find the DLL again the next time you wish to use that measurement.

If the selected SMA requires multiple signals, or requires a single signal but you have multiple signals available, you will see the Channel Selection dialog, where you can specify which signal(s) to use.

The final step is to decide how you want to view the data: as a time-vs-time TimeView, a statistical distribution HistoView, or a tabular Multi-AcqView that allows you to track device behavior across multiple acquisitions.  Click on your selection, and the measurement will then be calculated using the currently available data and presented in the desired format.