Getting a New Oscilloscope?
Get M1... Free

“Every year, engineers spend over $45,000,000 on narrow, uninspired, proprietary accessory software when they get a new high-end scope. I intend to do two things with our Cirrus program:

  1. Reduce that cost to zero
  2. Give them vastly better tools than they could possibly get from ScopeCo.”
- Mike Williams, President ASA Corp


The Cirrus Opportunity

The M1 Cirrus Program represents an unparalleled opportunity for the owner of a new high-end scope to cut his costs enormously, while taking possession of significantly more powerful applications software... M1 WaveformTools (M1 WT). If you meet the simple eligibility requirements, you can get a permanent license for M1 Standard at no cost.. an up to $11,995 value.



Make a Clean Break

Consider the following thought exercise. If you bought all the software that is available for that new scope, it would cost your company somewhere between $80k and $100k. For that investment, you would have a large collection of software that does a small fraction of what M1 Standard does. And still, the results would not be compatible with results created on scopes from other manufacturers. Realistically, very few people would buy ALL of that software, but most high-end scope customers do buy $20k-$50k worth (for a single scope). The logical question is... what else could you do with that much budget?

  • Give you a raise for saving the company $50k per scope
  • Return it to the stock holders?
  • Buy another scope... or a source... or a spectrum analyzer... or a logic analyzer?
  • Put M1 on all of the other scopes in your lab and have Hidden Anomaly Location serving you as a waveform integrity firewall... finding really subtle waveform issues the moment you probe the signal, and providing you with serious risk management
Breaking free from the proprietary, niche, expensive software model from ScopeCo has real value to your organization. Here's your chance... you can invest (at no cost) in a more powerful tool you can ultimately deploy on ALL your scopes, as well as laptops... a tool that can finally be a true standard. Or you can drop a big chunk of budget on just another copy of a severely limited tool. What'll it be?