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LabVIEW™ Connectivity

Revision 1.0, March, 2011


LabVIEW Connectivity is an example Virtual Instrument for LabVIEW v8 or newer that was created by ASA to demonstrate connectivity between M1 and National Instruments LabVIEW. The VI takes the IP address of the computer where M1 is running and the XML command to be sent as inputs, and provides the response from M1 as an output for possible additional handling.

For more information about M1's XML command structure, download ASA Application Note 09-02, "How to Setup and Use the Automation Capabilities of M1OT."

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Minimum M1 version required:      v5.01.1

App Update Level/Date:      1.0, March 2011


  • Minimum NI LabVIEW version required: v8


  • Allows you to send external commands to M1 from your LabVIEW instrument sequencing setup.


  • The LabVIEW Connectivity VI is an example only and is provided without any support or warranty of any kind.
  • Certain M1 XML commands may require newer versions of M1 than v5.01.1.



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