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External Decode Framework

Revision 2.0, January, 2010


Add new decode capabilities for M1 WT!

Whether you're an M1 user wanting a new flavor of decode, or a developer who wants to create a new decode App for the M1 Apps Store, this framework supplies what you are looking for.

M1™ already includes a variety of serial decode capabilities, like I2C, CAN/LIN, FlexRay and more. M1 Decode allows you to view Decode information in the Voltage domain and search/navigate waveforms that use these encodings based on particular elements within the decoding scheme, such as frame-start markers or data byte values.

The External Decode Framework contains all the resources needed to create new decode types in M1 using one of two different methods:

  • For the non-programmer, a Decode Specification Format that allows you to easily create a simple text file describing the decode process that will be parsed by M1 at runtime. A full manual and several well-commented examples are included.
  • For the more experienced programmer, a DLL API that includes skeleton functions for all decode capabilities provided by M1. Documentation and examples are included.
For more information about M1's External Decode capabilities, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Minimum M1 version required:      v6.05

App Update Level/Date:      2.0, January 2010


  • None


  • Allows users to create their own serial decode types
  • Resulting decode types can be used in M1 in the same manner as existing decode types



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