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Step 1 - Talk to us

This first step is about getting to know each other. We'll want to understand your vision for your first App and your background, and make sure we answer any questions you have about our vision, the program or M1 itself.

Anyone can write an M1 App; it's not necessary to be in the M1 ADP to do that. The program is for those who want to monetize their App, or for ASA to provide significant assistance to those who want to develop a no-cost App that is of broad customer utility. Please be aware that because ASA will be investing time and resources in our Developer-Partners, as well as putting our reputation behind them that we will be selective as to who we partner with. If you have a solid vision that serves the scope customer and have appropriate domain knowledge, things should go well.

Your first App

There are two things we will be looking for successful Developer-Partners to bring to the table. The first is a vision of the App they want to make. We can certainly make suggestions for Apps in casual conversation and are happy to do so. However, developers who already know what they want to make will probably have an edge on getting in to the program. Note that for all Developer-Partners, ASA will have to approve your App and your target pricing for the first 2 or 3 Apps prior to the start of development to ensure they make business sense.

Suggestion for App ideas – take a look at what's in our Apps Store already. See what we have for compliance tests and stim-response tools. We can always use Apps that customers find useful that don't yet exist.

Qualities we're looking for

The second quality we're looking for in developers is the background/domain knowledge necessary to bring their App to life. Things like experience in the market sector where your App will be used are obvious positives. For example, signal-integrity consultants, engineers with T&M applications experience and engineers with test-automation experience are potentially strong contributors to creating compliance tests (that said, we have numerous compliance tests developed at ASA that we can share with you). If you're building a stimulus-response App, obviously having access to the instruments you want to automate just makes sense.

Other success factors will depend on what you want to do. For example, having access to specs and test data if you want to work in compliance. Or basic relevant programming experience is required if you want to create new or complex measurements in M1's DLL framework.

Get started

If you're ready to get started, you can fill out the online program application. We'll contact you to discuss the next steps, including the contract and $99 program fee.