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Why become an M1 Apps developer?

One of M1 Waveform Tools' most powerful contributions is Automation. It provides a very versatile infrastructure for rapidly creating your application, and the M1 Apps Developer Program offers a compelling business model to monetize the engineering knowledge you have accumulated over the years.

Here are 10 compelling reasons to implement your solution in the M1 ADP.

1. The depth and power of M1
M1 does it all: rich analysis, sophisticated exploration and debug, embedded intelligence, collaboration, and of course a powerful, scalable automation capability that doesn't discriminate against any scope or digitizer brand. And all that power is available to your App. M1 is the only logical tools system for creating your App.
2. ASA investment in your success
If you’re a developer in our program, we invest in you: tools, training, exposure to internal best practices and access to ASA engineers.
3. Your App can run with a staggering number of platforms — AND M1 Reader deployments
There are multiple platforms for acquiring or creating waveforms. The scope is the most common T&M box out there. Simulated waveforms are generated by tens of software tools, and digitizers can provide an excellent source for low-cost and high precision waveform generation. And because M1 is 100% manufacturer-agnostic, your App can sell into more lab settings. This is a huge number. New scopes. Old scopes. ATE test stands. Most Simulation packages. Brands include Agilent/Acqiris, Tektronix, LeCroy, Yokogawa, Rohde & Schwarz, GaGe, NI and more. And now the good part: because there can be many M1 Readers deployed per device, your potential addressable business can be massive.
4. Range of opportunity
The industry needs many more compliance tests than exist now. The handful of programmers at ScopeCo will never be able to address the total need. Compliance is only part of the need; new, unique measurements are needed, as well as stimulus-response tools that associate any source with any scope, as well as many other innovative Apps like SimBridge, which lets M1 analyze the output of simulation data.
5. You get paid
Is this really only the 5th best reason? Once you write your App, we do the work of promoting it to tens of thousands of scope users.
6. Development time
We've been writing Apps for some time. Between our ScriptBuilder graphical authoring tool, our DLL framework for new measurements and the numerous best practices we have developed and published, you can have a typical compliance test done in a few days or rev-1 of a stim-response measurement in a week.
7. Development tools
This is kind of like the previous reason, but different. If you're not primarily a software guy, our graphical tools and accumulated best practices make it easy to create your App.
8. ASA licensing technology protects your IP
Our philosophy at ASA is that we always share the Apps we create at no cost. But your App is different. When we accept your App, we will encapsulate it in our licensing technology. This ensures that only those who pay for your App can use your it.
9. Additional professional/revenue opportunities
M1 can enhance value as a consultant. Once you’ve demonstrated you’re skilled at working with M1's automation (certification and well-written Apps), we will be pleased to pass on requests from customers to you who need automation consulting. We may also permit you to sell M1 to your clients and earn a commission.
10. Volume deployment opportunity
For Apps that make sense, we will work to create licensing for volume (lab, Site and Enterprise) deployment.