Compliance Apps

DDR Compliance Test

Revision 1.0, December, 2009


Using the DDR Compliance Test with M1 Waveform Tools provides you with an expert solution to your compliance testing needs. M1 Waveform Tools is compatible with every real-time Keysight/Agilent, Tektronix, LeCroy, and Yokogawa scope on the market, including the new Keysight/Agilent 90000 and Tek 70000 series, as well as digitizers from Acqiris, GaGe, National Instruments, Spectrum, and ZTEC.

By going with the M1 solution, if you don't meet your numbers you have the full power of M1 available to figure out what the problem is. If you need help, you can collaborate instantly by packaging up your waveform and sending it to your local signal integrity guru.

Most major signal standards are included, for free, with every installation of M1 WT. Regardless of what standard you are working with, you will be ready to begin testing immediately with M1 WT.


Spec Level:      JESD 82

App Update Level/Date:      1.0, December 2009

Best Practices Revision Level:      4

Minimum M1 version required:      v6.03

App Encryption:      none






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