What Makes M1 Waveform Tools™ Different?

We could give you 100 answers; let's start with just four:

  1. M1 provides total waveform connectivity: M1 supports every scope manufacturer - Tek, Agilent, LeCroy, Yokogawa; Rohde & Schwarz; M1 supports EDA tools that generate waveform data - Synposis, Cadence, Mentor and others; M1 supports high-speed digitizers - NI, Agilent/Acqiris, GaGe, Spectrum.

  2. M1 supports everything that ScopeCo software does at the analysis level, and more, but it also delivers rich value propositions "above the box" with capabilities like: collaboration, technology replacement, automation, etc.

  3. M1 does not employ a "sum of products" pricing model a la ScopeCo. Instead of paying $20k-$50k per scope, as you can easily do with ScopeCo software, M1 will always be between $1k-$12k.

  4. M1 provides the only solution that can provide end-to-end workflow analysis from EDA/Simulation to Production and Field Support.

We encourage you to ask ScopeCo to defend their software. To ensure that conversation is more substance than fluff, here are some questions you can bring up during it.

You will also have questions to ask yourself about what you need in this kind of a product. Here are some questions to guide you on that.

About Mission/Functional Superiority

You need the best tools to win. If you had to defend your life against a murderous marauding horde trying to take your stuff, and you had the following as your choices, it might make sense to break away from the guys trying to sell you sharper spears and go with something that works a little better.

When it comes to choosing the tools you need to defend or extend your product space, the sharper-spear mentality is one of the first things you have to discard. Especially when the spear costs more. M1 is the opposite of a sharp stick; it's leagues ahead of the competition. An example of how we compare to the competition (Tektronix in this case) is shown below using a portfolio comparison tool we call Product Charts.

What $72,545 - $120,545 buys you at Tek

What $995 - $11,995 buys you at ASA

An explanation on how Product Charts are created and evaluated can be found here (PDF file).

Financial Savings

Pay for one tool for one cost. M1 Waveform Tools is NOT a constellation of narrow, expensive programs that only support one scope type, and never get updated. You can easily save tens of thousands of dollars on each new mid/high-end scope purchase with M1 – and you end up with MUCH more capability.

M1 Pays for itself before you take it out of the box by saving you at least what it cost you in diff probes. If you can possibly probe differential pairs with single-ended probes, M1's built-in True Differential Thresholding will preserve data you WISH you had – like voltage variation vs time at the cross-over point.

More financial benefits here.

You can use our interactive pricing spreadsheet to see how much Lab Advantage will save you compared to an average deployment or your current deployment from Agilent and Tektronix.

Click here: Lab Advantage Comparison Model (requires Microsoft Excel)

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