M1 CirrusM1 Cirrus Program

How to Get Cirrus

Standard Application

The first step in acquiring M1 Cirrus™ is for you to confirm your eligibility. The next step is to apply. Please fill out the Application Form and fax the form and supporting documentation to ASA at +1-413-596-9686 for review. If your application is approved, ASA will contact you directly with instructions on downloading and installing M1 Cirrus™.


As noted in the rules, Cirrus can be changed or canceled at any time. However, when you purchase a scope, there is almost always a lead time. In order to ensure you can count on M1OT as full replacement software for the scope you intend to purchase, we are offering the option to pre-apply for M1 Cirrus and establish a "lock in" status and date.

If you know you will be buying a scope that is currently eligible under Cirrus rules at some point in the near future, you should pre-apply. ASA will accept or deny pre-applications within 5 business days, and generally within 24 hours. This gives you the ability to ensure that your scope qualifies for Cirrus even if the rules have changed in the mean time.

If you would like to pre-apply, please download the Pre-Application Form, fill it out, and fax the form to ASA at +1-413-596-9686 for review.