Send a Waveform

M1 Waveform Viewer now has a 'Send Waveform' button that will allow you to instantly email the waveform you're looking at (or a waveform that you had previously saved) to a colleague with a short message. If the colleague doesn't already have Waveform Viewer, don't worry - the message will automatically include a link and instructions on how to download their own trial copy.

When you click the 'Send Waveform' button, M1 WV will ask whether you wish to send the waveform currently being viewed or a waveform that you had previously saved, in which case you will be able to browse and select the desired file. Click OK, and a message will open in your regular email editor with the subject line and instructions for downloading WV already filled in and the desired waveform file attached. Just fill in the To: field, add any additional comments you'd like in the body, and send it.