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M1 Waveform Viewer gets you out of the lab, but keeps you connected to your oscilloscope measurements. You can save a collection of waveforms, or waveform sequences and take them with you for later analysis. Or if someone needs you to see something NOW... and you're at the corner coffee shop, or at home with your family... they can capture the scope data with M1 WV and email it to you to examine without your having to go into the lab.

  • You're not tied down to the lab anymore. You probably have a better chair up in your office... or at the coffee shop
  • Work with the measurements when it suits you; rather than when it fits into the scope's availability
  • Everyone on your team, regardless of where they're located, can perform their waveform exploration and analysis away from the scope(s) that captured the waveforms.
  • Ease congestion around the most popular scopes in your lab by moving the stuff that comes after acquisition away from the scope.
  • M1 WV is a proxy scope interface that lets you work with your waveforms even when you're not near your scope