Standards Body Program

In order to drive greater adoption of the Developers Forum mission, we have made an arrangement with one of its sponsors, ASA Corp. ASA Corp will provide a no-cost copy of M1™ Waveform Tools and multiple no-cost copies of M1 Reader products, along  with appropriate training, to any member(s) of any industry standards body.

Key Benefits

  • Develop your compliance test procedures rapidly using ASA Corp's long list of existing measurements, features and existing capabilities.
  • Develop one compliance test that works on all of the major real-time oscilloscope and digitizer families.
  • Use the only tool in the industry for developing and running compliance tests.
  • Immediately start developing your test(s).
  • Developers Forum will provide a dedicated forum area to conduct discussions pertinent to your development work.


In order to receive the no-cost development tools from ASA, an officer of the Standards Body must sign an agreement to do the following:

  • Ensure that any ASA products provided will only be used for doing the work related to the standards body, primarily to include the development of compliance tests for their standard.
  • Publicize this capability within the standards body or to make the members aware that this capability exists.
  • Retrieve, from any departing member of the standards body, any tool provided by Developers Forumm.
  • Agree to return to Developers Forum any provided tools upon dissolution of the standards body.
  • Provide Developers Forum with an administrative contact within the standards body.

For an application for the Standards Body Program ASAP or to have a representative of ASA contact you, please contact us.