M1 Logo Hidden Anomaly Location: HAL™

The ultimate risk-management technology

The patented Hidden Anomaly Locator (HAL) does for you what an expensive signal integrity consultant who needs no sleep or rest would do. It employs all of the depth and power of M1's hundreds of built in measurements, multiple measurement domains, and the myriad of the product's other unique and innovative methods of analysis to automatically detect subtle waveform anomalies in the background and alert you to them. You don't have to be specifically "looking for" a particular type of problem, as with other 'event scanning' products. You don't even have to have a single measurement turned on. HAL's got your back.

How HAL Works

Upon discovery of any of the dozens of waveform anomalies that HAL knows how to find, it presents details on what it found such as location within the acquisition and the degree to which the anomaly is present.

HAL has multiple Agents, each of which looks for a particular type of problem.

Some of the pathological conditions that HAL can locate are: