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What M1 can do for your GaGe CompuScope 83XX CS8325, CS8345, or CS8385 digitizer

The CompuScope 8325/8345/8345 digitizer is a popular, industry leading instrument which is supported by M1 Waveform Tools.

  • M1 will dramatically expand the contribution this instrument makes on your measurement workflow at a very reasonable cost. It will provide richer analysis, debug and exploration, and accelerate your project's measurement work with capabilities like collaboration, analysis automation, automatic detection of signal-integrity faults, and a rich library of measurements and compliance applications without the need to program. M1 includes the capability to directly interface with popular programming tools such as LabVIEW, MATLAB, C#, Perl and Python to provide access to the entire set of measurements and automations. If you're like most users, your digitizer shares lab space with a mixture of test equipment from different manufacturers that make digitizers or real-time oscilloscopes. Agilent/Acqiris, Tektronix,Teledyne/ LeCroy, NI, GaGe, Yokogawa, Rohde & Schwartz, Spectrum, and Teradyne/ZTEC – having a tool that supports them all with a common UI, analysis engine, automation language and data format just simplifies your work significantly.

Digitizer Characteristics*

Channels: 2 (CS8325), 4 (CS8345), or 8 (CS8385)
Bits: 14
Bandwidth: N/A
Sample Rate: 65 MSa/s
Memory Depth: Min. 128 Mpts standard, shared between channels
List Price: By request
M1 Licensing Level:


* - digitizer characteristics and prices are derived from the GaGe web site