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Special Measurements

I2C Measurement Bundle

Revision 1.2, November, 2011


This Measurement Bundle contains a total of 17 Measurement Apps, enabling measurement of all special parameters required by the I2C Compliance App.

If you are looking for the full I2C Compliance App (which includes this Bundle), ASA recommends that you specifically download that through the Compliance App link below.


Spec Level:      I2C Bus Specification, v3.0, 19 June 2007

App Update Level/Date:      1.2, May 2011

Minimum M1 version required:      v6.05

Measurements Made:

  • fSCL
  • tHD;STA
  • tSU;STA
  • tHD;DAT
  • tSU;DAT
  • tLOW
  • tHIGH
  • tSU;STO
  • tBUF
  • tVD;DAT
  • tVD;ACK
  • trCL
  • trCL1
  • tfSCLH

Statistics Produced: Min, max


  • Unless otherwise specified by the specific Measurement App, all require SCL as 1st signal, and SDA as 2nd signal.

Compliance Breakout™ sub-Apps are included with this App     (Learn More)

This Special Measurement bundle is used by:    I2C Compliance App


  • Not Applicable for this App


Some of the Measurement Apps included in this bundle combine multiple parameters together, and have separate Apps that measure each of those parameters individually as well. The primary purpose of a combined Measurement App is for use in a Compliance App, where it allows the test to proceed as quickly as possible by minimizing the recalculation that would be required for measuring similar parameters in different Apps. The individual Measurement Apps, on the other hand, are primarily intended for use in a Debug scenario, where having all of the statistics and data for a particular parameter is required.


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