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M1 Emergency Licensing Server

Revision 2.0, July 2014

$2250 for initial setup and one Regular token;
$1500 per additional Regular token, or $5000 for an Upward Transfer token


  • 'On the shelf' emergency instant license transfer capability without ASA assistance
  • Eliminate delays or downtime when an instrument needs repair, calibration, or replacement
  • Provides for temporary (up to 45 days) or permanent license transfer
  • Restoring original M1 License will provide a credit towards a replacement M1 ELS License Transfer Authorization Token
  • Additional tokens can be remotely added at any time


Minimum M1 version required:      v7.00

App Update Level/Date:      2.0, July 2014


  • M1 licenses must have a current Subscription in order to be used in an M1 ELS license transfer


  • Each M1 ELS License Transfer Authorization Token enables one license transfer
  • M1 ELS can manage up to 8 Tokens simultaneously
  • Licenses can only be transferred either to an instrument with an equal or lower M1 Platform Level, or to an instrument at any Platform Level.  If transferred to a higher-level instrument, license will expire in 45 days unless a Level Transfer Fee is paid to ASA to enable a permanent transfer.
  • Additional tokens may be purchased at any time
  • If the original instrument becomes available again within 45 days, M1 ELS allows you to restore the M1 license to that instrument and receive a 60% credit towards purchasing a replacement License Transfer Authorization Token




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