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M1 Waveform Exchange

Revision 1.0, January 2012

Must be synchronized with an active Subscription on an existing M1 Waveform Tools license.


The M1 Waveform Exchange option enables M1 Waveform Tools users to receive waveforms from their business partners even when that partner does not use M1 themselves. M1 Waveform Exchange users are able to invite customers, vendors, or other teams to exchange their waveform data from oscilloscopes or digitizers by downloading the no-cost Waveform Capture application. The exchange of your partner’s data can facilitate debugging support questions by extending the full depth and breadth of M1’s analysis capabilities.  


Minimum M1 version required:      v7.00

App Update Level/Date:      1.0, January 2012


  • M1 Waveform Exchange is attached to an existing M1 Waveform Tools license
  • The M1 WT license must have an active Subscription
  • The M1 Waveform Exchange expiration date is synchronized to the Subscription expiration date


  • Allows you to obtain waveforms from customers/vendors for support purposes, even if the partner does not use M1
  • Apply all of M1's power to shared waveforms to assist your customer/vendor in resolving problems



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