If you're considering any of LeCroy's new proprietary software bundles (check them out here), we know you'll be more than a little impressed by M1 Waveform Tools. M1 WT has vastly more complete/deeper functionality at a much more attractive price - and you can run exactly the same tools on your non-LeCroy tools too, as well as off-line, and get the same answers! M1 Waveform Tools is the only oscilloscope software designed to run identically on every scope, digitizer and EDA synthesis tool on the market. Check out the LeCroy offerings and then do yourself a favor of checking out M1 Waveform Tools from the company that literally invented the oscilloscope software industry.

M1 LogoLeCroy

  • M1 Waveform Tools (M1 WT) and M1 Waveform Viewer (M1 WV) support LeCroy oscilloscopes
  • M1 WT provides capabilities that aren't available directly from the manufacturer
    • Advanced Debug
    • HAL
    • Collaboration
    • File Tagging
    • Compliance Breakout
  • M1 tools enable you to avoid being locked-in to a single hardware vendor
    • All-platform, All-vendor support means M1 tools work identically with all of your waveform acquisition platforms


  • M1 WT provides more functionality than the manufacturer's entire portfolio of oscilloscope software options, at a fraction of the cost
  • M1 tools still support older LeCroy scope models for which modern software options are no longer available


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