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What M1 can do for your Keysight/Agilent U1061A/Acqiris DC135 and DC140 digitizer

The U1061A digitizer is a popular, industry leading instrument which is supported by M1 Waveform Tools.

  • M1 will dramatically expand the contribution this instrument makes on your measurement workflow at a very reasonable cost. It will provide richer analysis, debug and exploration, and accelerate your project's measurement work with capabilities like collaboration, analysis automation, automatic detection of signal-integrity faults, and a rich library of measurements and compliance applications without the need to program. M1 includes the capability to directly interface with popular programming tools such as LabVIEW, MATLAB, C#, Perl and Python to provide access to the entire set of measurements and automations. If you're like most users, your digitizer shares lab space with a mixture of test equipment from different manufacturers that make digitizers or real-time oscilloscopes. Keysight/Agilent/Acqiris, Tektronix, Teledyne/LeCroy, NI, GaGe, Yokogawa, Rohde & Schwartz, Spectrum, and Teradyne/ZTEC – having a tool that supports them all with a common UI, analysis engine, automation language and data format just simplifies your work significantly.


Note: The U1061A-001 is equivalent to the DC135, and the U1061A-002 is equivalent to the DC140.

Digitizer Characteristics*

Channels: 2
Bits: 8
Bandwidth: 500 MHz for U1061A-001 (DC135), 1 GHz for U1061A-002 (DC140)
Sample Rate: 1 GSa/s for U1061A-001, 2 GSa/s for U1061A-002
Memory Depth: 64 Kpts for -001, 128 Kpts for -002
List Price: US$ 6594 for -001, US$9811 for -002
M1 Licensing Level: for U1061A-001/DC135
for U1061A-002/DC140

* - digitizer characteristics and prices are derived from the Keysight/Agilent/Acqiris web site

  • M1 features

    Software subscription avail: Yes
    Offline analysis: Yes
    Apps Store: Yes
    Automation of analysis: Yes
    EDA analysis compatibility: Yes
    Training available: Yes (in-product, M1 Flight School on web and on-site)
    Projected model support: Indefinite
    No. of simultaneous meas.: No practical limit
    One-click reporting: Yes
    MATLAB connectivity: Yes

    Did you know...?

    1. M1 Waveform Tools supports more Agilent scope models than Agilent software does? More Tektronix scope models than Tektronix... etc.

    2. M1 not only works on ALL your real-time scopes, but it also supports digitizers and your EDA tools as well. One tool, across all your hardware, end to end – from concept/EDA through R&D, characterization, production test and field deployment.

    3. M1 can automatically detect a full range of known signal-integrity faults.

    4. M1 still supports every scope it has ever supported? We never stop supporting a supported model. This allows your hardware investment to remain on the functionality state of the art line its entire life.

    5. A site license (every scope, every laptop) for M1 probably costs less than what you’re spending on the software for just ONE scope each quarter, or what you’re spending on the software load for just 10 rental scopes.

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    Just want to view waveforms?

    Until you’re ready to move up to a rich analysis/debug/collaboration/automation tool, here’s a simple but award-winning waveform viewer for your scope and your EDA tools: