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Excellence does not result from company size, vacuous feel-good big-company mission statements, or spending time bragging about your carbon footprint. In fact, in can be effectively argued that these things are obstacles to excellence. Genuine excellence in one's area of practice does result from focus in one's area of practice.

ASA has spent three decades in an all-day/every-day Jesuit-like FOCUS on just two important areas of practice.  If your particular need lies within one or both of these areas of intense focus, you will not find a better solution anywhere.

Waveform-handling™ Technology, Tools, and Services

For almost three decades, ASA has provided invaluble services, technology, and tools to semiconductor and electronics systems manufacturers. ASA invented the oscilloscope-based measurement and analysis tool space in 1994, and M1 remains the only tool that has been in continuous all-day, every-day development/refinement since then. ASA is recognized as the dominant first innovator in the oscilloscope and waveform-handling software market... M1 was available for almost a decade prior to the introduction of any other current software package. In an 'innovation census' we performed a few years ago, 72 of 76 capabilities that customers were purchasing waveform-handling software for were first created by ASA, in most cases by many years.

As a result of our decades of experience in providing tools that solve the toughest signal integrity problems and the fact that M1 is not designed to be "just enough" functionality to sell hardware, ASA has developed an extraordinarily deep set of capabilities in the M1™ product family.

This set of products, led by the flagship M1 Waveform Tools, provides the most comprehensive waveform-handling engine in the Test & Measurement industry.  M1 is the functional and precision leader in every market segment in which it competes, and is the only tool that runs with real-time oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools from every major manufacturer.  In addition to the patented work on jitter/timing analysis and Hidden Anomaly Location,  ASA's innovative contributions include the creation of the first compliance test, advanced serial data analysis, and multi-domain analysis from waveform data to list a small fraction.

These decades of focus have resulted in a deep and uncommon working knowledge of the way organizations acquire and employ information from their waveforms to make technical and business decisions.  This focus on waveform-based workflow results in the only tool or portfolio in the industry designed to not just produce simple measurements, but to substantially accelerate this waveform-based decision making while also reducing cost.  Further, ASA has developed multiple programs and services to apply this unique understanding to your organization.

ASA offers a broad series of training modules intended to facilitate smooth deployment.  This training spans Product Operation, Technical Skills around waveform-handling, and Application/Automation Development.  ASA can also deliver a more advanced, upstream Test & Measurement Asset Deployment program to map out and execute strategies to align organizational needs and organizational capabilities vis a vis waveform-handling tools and processes.

To understand more about M1 Waveform Tools, click here.  To understand more about ASA Services focussed on waveform-based workflow acceleration, click here.

Clock & Timing Engineering

“No other competitor understands the subtleties and complexities of jitter better than ASA.”
- Errol Shanklin, TIA Manager

“Mike Williams has done more to raise the standard to which computer industry hardware engineers operate for clock design and measurement than anyone I know of.”
– Pete Rawson, HP Workstations Manager

“My customers regard Mike as an expert in the area of clock & timing. These include Intel, Rambus, Cisco, and Apple."
– John Clinton, District Manager

"The level of training, support, and consulting that ASA has been able to deliver is outstanding. Mike’s company thinks and delivers solutions.”
– Bing Hadley, District Manager


History & Contributions

ASA has made many significant contributions to Clock and Timing engineering methodology and waveform-handling software over the past three decades.  You can also peruse a selection of notable moments in ASA's history.


Learn about ASA's Founder, President, and Principal Software Designer Mike Williams and his background.

We learned this phrase from the platform companies. They use conversations where no customers are present in conjunction with other phrases like "customer sensitivity to minimum viable functionality". At ASA, we call this design philosophy "half screwed together". It is never acceptable at ASA to solve only part of the problem or try to guess what the customer won't notice before they buy it.